Publication Process

  1. The author share with the editorial team the paper they seek to publish with a disclaimer that the content is original. The submission should in the journal standard format. Download the format here.
  2. The author within 12 hours will receive an email confirming receipt of the articles.
  3. The editorial team assesses whether the paper meets the minimum standards. If the paper meets the minimum quality criteria, it will be taken to the next stage. If the minimum standards are not met, the paper is rejected and an email response sent to the author with reasons for the same. Re-submission is allowed.
  4. If the paper is accepted by editorial team, communication is done to the author. The author is required to pay publication/assessment fee within 14 days. This is done since peer review is an intensive and expense undertaking and the authors. Pay publication fee here.  
  5. The accepted paper is subjected to peer review and the editor makes a decision based on peer review comments. The editor can issue a decision to either publish unaltered, with minor changes/ major or reject the manuscript.  The journal reserves the right to reject any paper without citing further reasons except those contained in the peer review verdict letter.
  6. Payment of publication fee does not in any way influence the decision to accept or reject the paper. The fee paid will be refunded less transaction costs in 30 days if the paper is rejected by the journal.
  7. The author incorporates the amendments recommended.
  8. The author submit the updated manuscript; editorial team confirms incorporation of the changes and acceptance letter is issued pending publication.
  9. Editorial team makes the changes needed to make the article conform to the format and quality standards set by the journal.
  10. Online publication of the paper is done in not more than 30 days from acceptance date. Publication is done as the papers are accepted and the journal does not wait to publish all papers at end of the month. Authors are free to contact us for an update on the publication progress. A digital certificate is issued to authors whose papers have been published. Publications can be accessed on Current Issue and thereafter archived under the year of publication under Our Issues.
  11. Copy Right of the published articles is retained unconditionally by the author(s).

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