Research Training Consultancy and Training

We offer training on research process, funding and open journal access publishing. Our trainings are mainly held through face to face workshops, research academies, print, video conferencing and voice calls.

Face-to-Face Workshops

  • to 2-day workshops in scientific writing and publishing
  • Hosted by institutions
  • Delivered by journal editors
  • Highly interactive, with an opportunity for researchers to work on their own manuscripts
  • Tailored to the field and publishing experience of the researchers taking part

Video Conferencing

  • Editors present video conference meetings on selected scientific writing and publishing topics
  • There is an interactive and engaging, with exercises and opportunities to ask questions
  • This normally take 60 minutes per session.
  • The video conference is held in English language

Research Academies

Support your researchers with our high-quality training workshops. The workshops cover a variety of topics including how to publish, how to apply for research positions, how to give quality peer review, and how to manage a successful journal. Authors who subscribe to research academies receive specialized training in research writing, data analytics, report writing, editorial review and publication.

Drawing on our vast experience, we have developed a series of training workshops to help researchers succeed in today’s competitive academic landscape. Subscribers of this service receive the below:

  • Getting Published: Early- and mid-career researchers learn how to publish in international journals.
  • Applying for Research Positions: Graduate students and postdocs learn how to find and secure the right research position.
  • Scientific Communication: Researchers of all levels learn how to communicate their research to a broad audience.
  • Peer Review: Postdocs and faculty learn how to give high-quality peer review.
  • Journal Editing: Current and aspiring journal editors learn how to manage successful journals. Research Methodology: Researchers learn how to write solid research protocols and avoid problems in data collection and analysis.
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: Researchers learn how to conduct a high-quality systematic review and meta-analysis.
  • Ethics: Researchers learn how to ethically conduct research with human participants.
  • Research Data Principles and Practices: Researchers of all levels learn the value of research data and how data can be shared effectively.