Editorial Services

We offer editorial services to our authors and other authors seeking to publish their articles with international peer reviewed journals. These services do not at all assure the authors that their articles will be accepted by ijcab hosted journals or journals. The services are offered based on double blind methodology by our reviewers and editors. Use of editorial service is not mandatory for publication in Ijcab journals and you are not obliged to submit your paper to an Ijcab journal by using this service.

Language Editing

A considerable large number of articles submitted for publication are rejected due to the standard of the presentation and language within the article. Ijcab recognizes excellence in research wherever it originates and believes that language shouldn’t be a barrier to publication. Language experts will ensure your work is written in proper scientific English, free of typos and grammatical mistakes. Request language editing services when you need an expert to proofread, or thoroughly edit, your research. Our specialists have the right academic background, experience and skills to get your paper, thesis, research proposal or book to the next level, ensuring readers focus on the scientific content of your research.

Copy editing

Save time by letting experts format your research to the required publication standards. Checking the format of your manuscript, book or thesis can be a tedious job. Our copy editing service can save you time by ensuring your research is formatted in the way preferred by your target publication, and that your references are complete and correct.

Scientific editing

Find an expert within your field of study to critically look at the language, as well as the academic content of your research. Request scientific editing if you require an expert to critically look at the language and academic content of your research. Our specialists have the right academic background, experience and skills to get your paper, thesis, research proposal or book to the next level.

Translation services

Find a translator with the right background, skills and expertise for your work. Request translation services if you need your research translated by a peer who understands your field of study. You may request this service in any language combination.

Manuscript writing support

Select an expert to mentor you through the manuscript writing process. Ensuring your manuscript is written to the required standard of the publication you wish to submit to can be a challenging process. Experts can mentor you through this process helping you present your research in the best possible light. Mentors will improve the quality of your writing by being involved all the way through the writing process, starting when you begin to write up your research and only ending when you are ready to submit to a publication.

Figure editing

Request visuals services when you need to generate the maximum impact for your research. Our experts can create visuals, including; illustrations, images, tables, graphics, posters and presentations, to professionalize the look of your research.

Statistical and data analysis

Collaborate with an expert with strong mathematical or statistical background to enable your data and statistical analysis. Collaborate with experts with mathematical and statistical background and experience in your knowledge field to enable the analysis of your research data, and discuss together the results for discussion and conclusions section for your research.

Data visualisation

Ensure the intelligible, clear and attractive representation for your results dissemination and also to meet guidelines set by the journal you are submitting to. Research result dissemination is an essential part of a researcher’ career, currently, with a trend to go beyond the traditional journal’s paper publications. Data visualization experts can assist you in worth your research results, assist you in selecting the better ways to visualize the most important conclusions from your data in a way that is compliant with the requirements set by the journal you want to publish in. The experts can also assist you in generating interesting, visually appealing images and even interactive tools as complementary material for result dissemination for your institutional or professional website.

Become an expert

Ijcab invites experts in manuscript support services to join our platform and help us progress in our vision of making author services more collaborative, affordable and transparent. We partner with peer reviewers to improve our guidance and services for authors. Our platform connects academics seeking support for their work with the relevant expert who can help out with language editing and translation, visuals, consulting, or anything else academics need to get their research submission ready.


Use of our editorial services does not in any way influence acceptance of the manuscript to any of our journals. It is not a compulsory service and does not assure that the manuscript will be accepted by the author preferred journals.