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Who we are

Our core aim is to make the world a better place through research and dissemination of quality and tested knowledge for policy and practice. We take pride in successfully promoting quality and original research that is capable of addressing the modern world challenges.

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What we do

We host wide range of quality internationally peer reviewed journals. We are premised on the need for quality research, originality and open knowledge sharing. We are guided by global best practices of open access publishing. All our journals are open access.

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Our Services


We offer open access peer reviewed journal article publishing.

Editorial Services

We review research work and offer advisory on quality and action points.

Research Training and Consultancy

We train researchers on scientific research process and publishing.

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Call for Articles

Submissions for July and August 2021 issues are open. We invite authors to submit their original and quality articles through our journal management platform or via email to the editor@ijcab.org. Submitted manuscripts need to be in journal format detailed in publication process

We value your feedback in making our journals and processes better. Have feedback or suggestions? Feel free to contact us. Responses in a day.