Editorial Team

NoNameUniversity/ Country
1Prof. Borodzicy Alrend University of Strathclyde,
Scotland, United Kingdom
2Dr Miriam S. Catherine Howard University,
United States
3Dr Rinuccini GazzanoUniversity of Salento,
4Dr. Oliondo Jackson George Grant University of Mines and Technology,
5Dr Alice Ruteremara Adventist University of Central Africa
6Dr. Echaune ManasiDepartment of Education and Vocational Training County Government of Busia

Peer Review Members

Prof. Thierry Vandamme

Dr. Onkar S. Vaze

Dr. Y. Omidi

Dr. Saber Mohamed Abd-Allah

Dr Sai Prachetan Balguri

Dr. Abdul Ahad

Dr. Jitendra Gupta

Dr. B Bakde

Dr Amit Kumar

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