IJCAB and affiliate journals is open to partnerships with universities with the aim of promoting quality and open access publishing. We also partner with research institutions and organizations that conducts research on diverse areas meant to improvement society well-being. Our partnership ranges from conducting joint research, organizing conferences and publication of the research findings through our journal. We also partner with organizations, bodies or individuals in different countries with interest in research where we enter into agreement on how to facilitate open journal access publishing in those countries. This form of partnership is mainly in developing countries. We also conduct joint training in these countries on the benefits of open journal publishing. The journal also works with regulators of higher education in formulating regulations and guidelines relating to quality open journal publishing.

University Journals

IJCAB is here to help academic societies and institutions publish their own journals. We provide full support as an experienced and strong back office working to ensure a professional online presence for the journal. We also provide support to university presses, libraries and other academic units looking to publish Open Access Journals. Our main focus is keeping the journals running smoothly and efficiently, without the hindrances of office politics and bureaucratic workflows often seen in the big publishing houses. We help the academic institutions seeking to run independent open access journals to observe the standards of international peer reviewed journals. Ensure that there are no overlaps on processes and procedures and therefore enhancing quality of published articles. This gives credibility to academic institutions as open access publishing houses.

Open Access Journals Publishers

We partner with open access journals to offer complete publishing service in an open access environment. We deliver support on all aspects of publishing in terms of the day-to-day running of the journal, making sure that the peer review, production and publication process runs hitch-free and with a happy author at the end of it. We ensure that quality processes are observed. We offer full back office support to publishing community including registration, approvals and subscriptions. If you are starting up a new journal or simply need additional support for your existing journal, IJCAB is here to help.

Research Integrity and Quality Assurance

IJCAB is dedicated to uphold the integrity of Open Access publishing. We provide dedicated support to all journals to help ensure that they are operated with a high degree of integrity, with full anti-plagiarism checking and rigorous peer review.  We ensure original research and review manuscripts, including those relating to special issues, submitted to our partner. The decision to accept or reject a paper is based on comments from at least two independent reviewers. Only scientifically qualified persons evaluate reviews and make the decision to accept or reject a submission. Typically, this means the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision, or a Subject Editor or Guest Editor, where this is applicable. The Editor-in-Chief is accountable for the quality of editorial decisions. Logs relating to each processed article are kept and reviewed by IJCAB independent reviewers.


Thousands of academic fraternity visits IJCAB sites every day. We therefore partner with recruiting organizations both in the governments, international non-governmental organizations and private organizations to advertise job opening at our sites. We partner with academic and event’s organizers to advertise for upcoming events or training events. We jointly plan and organize such events with our partners. We also partner with academic institutions to offer training to authors on open access publishing, value and the processes.

Academic Institutions

We partner with academic institutions, academic personnel and research entities on defining of the research themes, organizing events, setting policies and procedures of open access publishing. We also partner in defining Article Processing Charges to promote open access publishing.

Without Partners, we can’t achieve our mission! We therefore invite partners globally to contact us with the aim of formulating scholarly beneficial partnerships. Articles submitted through partners attract discounted rates on publication fees.

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