Ijcab hosts wide range of peer reviewed journals. All the journals accept submissions from all countries globally. The readership is global with reviewers, editorial team and board advisors being drawn internationally.

All our journals are open access and thus access to articles is unrestricted to the readers. The readers are not required to subscribe, register or pay to access the articles published. The authors are required to pay publication fees to cover the costs of ensuring unrestricted access.

All our journals are published in English and thus submissions can only be done in English language. However, authors seeking to publish articles in more than one language are allowed as long as the meta data is in English language and articles are presented in English and any other preferred language.

Frequency of publication differ with the journal and advisory board can decide to alter the frequency of publications without any notice.

Submitting to any our journals imply that the article is original work, has not been submitted with any other journal for consideration, you have right to submit the articles and ethical considerations in scientific work have been met. Our journal reviewers and editors have a right to reject or accept submissions with or without communicating the reasons. To submit to any of the journals, you can write to the editor at with the name of the journal or use the submission system.

Our current journal list is listed here