Payment of Publication fee

The publishing house is funded by payments that are made by authors, their institution or funding bodies. The payments are commonly known as Article Publishing Charges (APCs) or simply publication fee. Journals listed under ijcab platform charge APCs not exceeding USD 150 per article submitted and accepted. APCs vary depending on the journal or APCs fee waiver. See the APCs waiver policy.

Submissions for January 2021 issues will attract a 50% discount. 

JournalAbbreviationArticle Processing Charge*CoveragePublication Frequency
Arts Studies International Perspective Review JournalASIPRJUSD 100Arts Related Studies including music, cultural studies, history among other related areas.Quarterly
Contemporary Journal of Bioscience and TechnologyCJBTUSD 100BiosciencesQuarterly
Contemporary Journal of Economics for Growth and DevelopmentCIJEGDUSD 150EconomicsQuarterly
International Journal of Current Aspects in Finance, Banking and AccountingIJCFAUSD 150Finance and AccountingMonthly
Development Studies International Perspective Review JournalDSIPRJUSD 100Development StudiesQuarterly
International Journal of Agricultural Management, Food Sciences and Animal HusbandryIJAMUSD 100Food Sciences and AgricultureQuarterly
International Journal of Current AspectsIJCAUSD 150MultidisciplinaryMonthly
Ijcab Biannual ReviewIBRFreeSpecial Issue Multidiscipline JournalSemi Annual
International Journal of Current Aspects in Communication and LinguisticsIJCLUSD 100Communication and LanguagesQuarterly
International Journal of Contemporary Geographical Sciences IJCGSUSD 100Geography and Earth SciencesQuarterly
International Journal of Environmental Studies for Development IJESDUSD 50Environment and Urban StudiesQuarterly
International Review Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology IRJCSITUSD 100Information Communication TechnologyQuarterly
International Review Journal of Engineering and Technology Studies IRJETSUSD 150Engineering StudiesQuarterly
International Journal of Business Management, Entrepreneurship and InnovationJBMEDUSD 150Business Studies, Marketing, Strategic Management, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, ManagementMonthly
Journal of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics ReviewsJMPSRUSD 100Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Quarterly
Journal of Nursing, Health Sciences and Public Social Care JNHSPSCUSD 150Nursing, Public Health and Social CareQuarterly
Counsel International Journal of Law and Legal Studies CIJLLSUSD 100Commercial law, Criminal Law, International Law and Legal studiesQuarterly
International Journal of Education ReviewIJERUSD 150Education Studies, Childhood development and related studiesQuarterly
International Journal of Hospitality and TourismIJHTUSD 50Tourism, Hotel studies and HospitalityQuarterly
International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences IJPBSUSD 50Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Quarterly
International of Contemporary Medicine, Dentistry and Allied Health Sciences ICMDAHSUSD 150Specialized Technical Health Sciences Semi Annual
International Review Journal of Political Reviews and International Relations IRJPRIRUSD 100Political Sciences and International RelationsQuarterly

*Quoted rates exclude APCs waivers and may vary from time to time as approved by Editorial Board.

Partner institutions and authors with subscription package ijcab may enjoy lower rates. Funded research may attract different publication fees depending on the funding institutions.

Editors and reviewers have no access to author payment information, and hence inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a paper.

In line with the journal objective of promoting open access publishing, inability to raise the fee does not necessarily hinder authors who cannot pay the opportunity to publish with us. Partial waiver or 100% waiver of the fees applies depending on the country, authors and editorial team consideration. This changes from time to time as we keep all aspects of our organization under constant review, including pricing, costs, improvements in technology, alternative revenue streams such as advertising and sponsorship, philanthropic support, and membership to ensure sustainability.

The publication fee does not depend on the numbers of pages, figures or tables.

Publication fee plays a major role in advancing the open access opportunity to all across the world. It costs money to produce a peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article that is ready for online publication, and to host it on a server that is accessible around the clock.

Publication fees is payable through PayPal or bank transfers. To pay via, add to cart.

USD 50

USD 75

USD 100

USD 150


Authors are encourage to pay via PayPal since international bank transfers may be expensive. Authors facing challenges making the payments are advised to contact the editor for assistance. Authors in countries where Paypal is not available can pay through direct bank transfers, bank details to be provided on request. Authors doing bank transfers are required to add USD 30 to cater for bank charges.

The APC fee covers publication, perpetual archiving of articles, editing, peer review costs and assessment costs. The journal does not charge for article submission and access to published articles.

Publication fees will only be refunded less the transaction charges if publication had not been done due to reasons out of author control. An official application for refund with justification must be made on timely basis. For rejected papers where the publication fee had been paid, full refund will be made.