International Journal of Current Aspects in Social Sciences (IJCASS) accepts articles from diverse fields in social sciences and humanities including marketing, entrepreneurship, education, anthropology, history, languages among others. The journal has over 50 peer reviewers who have practical experience in the various fields. Double peer review approach is applied on articles received under this journal.

Some of the articles published under this journal are listed here.

Justine Mbula Mbiti and Samuel Maina (2018). Promotional Strategies and Market Performance of Logistic Companies in Kenya: A Case Of Dalsey, Hillblom And Lynn Supply Chain Ltd. PP 66-80

Jacinta Wambui Ndungu, Dr. Janesther Karugu (2018). Determinants of Sustainability of Micro and Small Enterprises Owned By Youth in Nairobi City County, Kenya . PP 45-65

Manasi Echaune (2018). Learner Characteristics and Educational Attainment among High School Students in Kenya. PP 34-44

Venatus V Kakwagh (2018). Nigeria Perception of HIV Risk and Sexual Behaviour of Commercial Motorcycle Operators in Anyigba, Kogi State-Nigeria. PP 26-33

Michael Hindzano Ngonyo, PhD (2018). An Assessment of Kenya’s Journalists Versus Public Relations Practitioners Relationship: Is It for Convenience or Old Age Rivalry Compounded by Inherited Mistrust? PP 19-25

Kanyuiro Stanley Gitari and Murigi Elishiba Muthoni (2018). Brand Aspects and Customer Loyalty in Unaitas Sacco, Nairobi City County, Kenya. PP 10-18

Dorcas Oluremi FAREO PhD, Javan GARKUWA (2018). Factors Influencing the Career Choice of Senior Secondary School Students in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. PP 1-9

Echaune Manasi, PhD, Julius Maiyo, PhD, Ijendi Juma, PhD (2018). Differential in learning outcomes among secondary school students in Kenya A multilevel analysis on effects of non-teacher resources PP 74-85

Dorcas Kerre, Justus Munyoki, Francis Kibera and James Njihia (2018). The Effect of Consumer Attitudes on Credit Card Usage in Kenya PP 60-73

Dorcas Kerre, Justus Munyoki, Francis Kibera and James Njihia (2018). Effect of Marketing Practices on Credit Card Usage among Commercial Bank Customers in Kenya PP 47-59

Jedidah Chebet Langat and Alfred Bett (2018). Social Networking and Academic Performance of University Students in Kenya A Case Study of Kenyatta University Kericho Campus PP 34-46

Rorogu Alfred and Alfred Bett (2018). Information and Communications Technology Adoption and Performance of Tea Processing Companies in Kericho County PP 22-33

Emma Anyango Obiero and Chrispen Maende (2017). Effect of Ethical Standards of Sales Representatives on Pharmaceutical Companies’ Sales in Nairobi City, Kenya PP 12-22

Githinji Geoffrey Kamau and James Maina Rugami (2017). Entrepreneurship Education and Performance of Women Owned Small and Micro Enterprises in Mombasa County, Kenya PP 1-11

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