Research Topic: Important Factors to Consider


Having an appropriate research topic is the first step in conducting a value adding research. A good research topic has a clear research problem (even to a ‘lay man’), clear objectives which are measurable, has literature to support the study and data is available.

Here are some tips to having a value adding study topic:

  1. Consider your area of specialization broadly then narrow to specific areas
  2. Examine your personal interests and ensure that you carry an study in an area you are passionate about
  3. Examine the environment in which you are studying. How are things at the industry you are studying, country of your study and the global environment at large
  4. What is known in that area; that is, the context of your study. Which are the related studies, what are the findings and what are the gaps?
  5. What is the knowledge gap from the knowledge gap from the context and the concept in the area?
  6. What will be your study objectives/variables?
  7. Are the variables measurable? What data is available? How will it be measured?

Ijcab journal reviewers provide professional advice on the appropriateness of research topics and ensure quality research and thus saving you time and resources of rethinking of a topic when proposal is done and have to redo the entire proposal.