Learner Characteristics and Educational Attainment among High School Students in Kenya

By Manasi Echaune

September, 2018


This study examined the contribution of learner characteristics being gender, age, prior attainment, family size and parental involvement to educational attainment in among high school students in Busia County, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive survey design.  The study hypothesized that gender, family size, age, prior attainment and parental involvement had no statistically significant effects on academic attainment in high school education.  A sample of 755 high school students and 344 teachers was used. Self administered questionnaires and document analysis schedule were used to collect data.  Using multilevel linear modeling of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination of 2016, the study demonstrated that gender, family size, age, prior attainment and parental involvement accounted for 43.13% of the variance in educational attainment among high school students. Based on the findings of study, it was concluded that educational planners should take into consideration the characteristics of individual learners in planning education.

Key Words: Gender, Age, Family size, Prior Attainment, Parental Involvement

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