Join IJCAB as a Volunteer

Publishing quality Open Access Articles is not an easy task. It is time consuming and requires in-depth understanding of the locality in which the study is done. Detailed understanding of the research area and practical experience are necessary in fulfilling our mission of making a world a better place for all through research.  

Quality is paramount to us. Not only are we deeply concerned about the ability of our internal processes to deliver quality review process and editorial work, but also the image we portray to the users of the articles we publish. We therefore invite individual scholars, authors, institutions and bodies to second volunteers to act as quality assurance teams, editorial teams and peer reviewers. It is by having these professionals that we continue to challenge our systems and processes and are able to maintain utmost open access publishing quality.

To get the needed expertise in the wide fields covered by our journals is an expensive affair with ability to deter our nobble objective. It is through volunteer teams of Editorial Board, Advisory Board and Peer Reviewers that we have successfully continued to deliver quality Open Access Articles. We welcome you to volunteer and be part of this noble objective.

We encourage the volunteers to write to The opportunity will go a great way in promoting quality of open articles published and improve the volunteer’s professional standing in relation to open access publishing.